Welcome to the website of Professor Brian German's research group at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Our work is related to the design of engineered systems, with a particular focus on air vehicles. The research centers on two themes: (1) methods for optimization, trade space exploration, and simulation, and (2) fundamental research and applied studies in aircraft design. These research areas are complementary, with new methods being exercised to improve outcomes in aircraft design applications, and design applications motivating refined or new methods. Our mission is to discover design innovations that improve the value proposition of developing future aircraft and similar engineered systems.

Research Areas

Design Methods

  • Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO)
  • Multi-objective optimization algorithms and applications
  • Trade space exploration
  • Uncertainty representation and quantification
  • Decision sciences in the context of design problems
  • Simulations of the engineering design and development process

Aircraft Design

  • Configuration aerodynamics
  • Propulsion system performance
  • Aircraft performance
  • Synthesis of innovative air vehicle concepts
  • Technology portfolio studies
  • Case studies of historical aircraft development projects