Matthew Daskilewicz

Position: Research Engineer II

Matt is a reserach engineer in the Aerospace Systems Design Lab. Matt's primary research interest is multi-criteria decision making, especially: (1) developing techniques for exploring high-dimensional Pareto frontiers, (2) interactive multivariate visualization for decision support, (3) "invertible" formulations for rapidly exploring multi-objective decision problems, (4) effect of considering robustness and reliability on design decisions. Matt is also the inventor and lead developer of the Rave design decision support system for MATLAB, which incorporates multivariate visualization, optimization, and other techniques for exploring design problems.


  • BS, Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005
  • MS, Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007
  • PhD, Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013

Current Research Projects


Honors & Distinctions

  • Williams Prize from Lehigh University for scholarly writing in the arts and sciences, 2003
  • First Tier Award for NASA Aeronautics Student Competition (2006), "GIT SMART: A Feasibility Study of a Mars Scout Vehicle to Study Methane" (Team Project)

Memberships & Service

  • Member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), 2004-Present
  • Member of Tau Beta Pi
  • Chair of ASDL Academy, 2010-2011